Christiam Velez

Christiam Velez

I began my professional career in the fashion industry twenty-five years ago. An industry infused with glamour and endless beauty, also an industry of precision and focus. I worked for an elite designer in the Fashion District, various celebrities, and direct manufactures; having worked in such a demanding industry gave me the opportunity to work with the most diverse group of individuals.

The level of detailed work, deadlines and processes that was required to perform at a high level, were traits that I have been able to triumphantly transfer into my Real Estate business.
I came to Real Estate in a time when many agents were leaving the business, 2009.
Our country was going through a financial crisis; and it was because of such crisis that I understood that training and skill set to service in real estate was needed at a greater level.
Today, with my keen knowledge of the Real Estate industry I enjoy helping sellers and buyers successfully navigate the unique New York market, providing them with the necessary tools to make the right decisions.

I believe in old school customer service, I really enjoy meeting my clients in person before we start working together, this helps us put a plan together, set expectations and solidify strong business relationship, that way we both can navigate through the process pleasantly.

Although my areas of expertise are the Lower Westchester, The Bronx, Rockland and some parts of Orange County, I am also a local and international investor with partnerships with other agents though out the Tri State area.
I have a network of professionals that cover New York State, the United States and the international real estate market.

I am 100% bilingual, English and Spanish